Photojennic Photography

New Policies effective June 1, 2015

Hi there! Just with any business that grows, things change. Change is good! :) So, I have had a few policy changes that took effect June 1, 2015.

  • There will be a $50 fee for all NEW clients who book a weekend appointment.
  • Last minute rescheduling (within 5 days) a weekend appointment will result in a $75 fee. Weekday appointments $50 fee. You also must reschedule the appointment to take place within 6 months of original date or you lose your deposit. (this does not pertain to weather rescheduling or emergencies)
  • Time, location, props, and all details must be discussed and approved before appointment is set, and before you pay deposit and turn in contracts.
  • Extra usb’s, or new usb’s for those lost are $50.
  • ALL communication must be through email for recording purposes.
  • Any shoots taking place in the French Quarter must be done on weekdays, or early morning on weekend due to congestion of people. Inquire for other highly congested areas.
  • If you purchase a session┬áthat includes prints, like my mini sessions, weddings, boudoir or senior sessions. You have 6 months to place your order.
  • Travel fees are always subject to change. Ask ahead of time for a total.